About Belize



Belize Tourist Board:

Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA)


Location: Central America, south of Mexico, east of Guatemala on the western shore of the Caribbean Sea.

Language: English is national language. Creole of English variation is spoken in the streets and among friends.  Spanish, especially near the border with Mexico and Guatemala. Garifuna in and near Dangriga south to Punta Gorda. Mopan and Ketchi Mayan languages.

Population: Population is 300,000 of multi and mix race with origin from Africa, Mayan, Mestizo and East Indian; with US, Caribbean and UK cultural linkage

Laws, legal system: Civil Law based on British Law

Land: ownership rights are respected with due process for any dispute Property rights for real estate

Time zone: US Central Time Zone, except in the spring when Belize falls 1 hours behind Chicago (CST)

Climate: Tropical to sub-tropical December to March

Financial Systems: Banks, credit unions, Central Banks, no control on USD, free movement

Health coverage: Universal health care and private facilities are available

Communication, mobile and Internet coverage: Country wide cellular and Internet coverage

Religion: Roman Catholic and Protestant makes up the majority. Receptive to other religion and allow free practice


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